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June 2008 - Posts

TechEd Orlando :: Compiler Tricks

Here is the download project for my Compiler Tricks talk at TechEd Orlando, 2008.

The talk focuses on what the C# 3.x compiler does with new syntax, and how you can use most of the 3.x syntax, when targeting a 2.0 build. This doesn't mean you can use the 3.x code samples with Visual Studio 2005, because you need the 3.x compiler to actually compile the syntax targeted to a 2.0 build.

This single slide pretty much sums up what the talk focuses on, and the downloadable project is pretty simple to walk through as well.

[Click here or the the slide image to download ]


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San Diego ASP.NET SIG User Group

Here is the code sample I used last night to show off and talk about the ASP.NET AJAX Functionality that is built into ASP.NET 3.5.

This project has been built over the years with samples that I've created for conferences, and users groups around the world.

If you were in San Diego for the user group, or are just interested in checking out tons of examples, this is a small 2.5 meg download. The project has been upgraded to use Visual Studio 2008. A Visual Studio 2005 example of (not all but most of) this code is available on

One thing about the setup, is (as you can see in the below image) the site navigation, uses the IE Search Toolbar. I really should update this, but as it stands, you have to enable the search bar ins most IE instances. Check out Tools|Options|Advanced, and then make sure "Enable websites to use the search pane*" is checked.


[ Click here or the image to download (2.5Meg) ]


Running Baby Smash Offline

Last night Cameron and I posted about BabySmash, and how much fun we were having with it. This morning I was trying to show some folks the app, but I was offline.

Knowing how the technology works, I was able to find the local storage, and still run the last version of the program. I thought this may be helpful for others to see, so I screen cast it, while I was opening the file to show.

The file structure will be different for XP vs. Vista (this is Vista) but somewhere in your profile you'll find Apps\2.0\ .......

Enjoy the 90 second screen cast.

I was in a hurry to post this, so I didn't do the pan/zoom but I think it's good enough to get the point across.


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Cameron loves BabySmash!

My son Cameron is 2.5 years old, and loves to play on the keyboard. He knows his alphabet, and numbers, both written and in sign language. Sitting in front of the computer for him is very exciting because he watches mommy and daddy play with the letter toy quite a bit.

Last week (maybe two weeks ago) Scott Hanselman started a fun project called BabySmash, that simply plays a sound and displays a character or shape on the screen when a key is pressed on the keyboard. if the keystroke is a letter or number, then the corresponding character is display, along with a sound bite. Other keys show random shapes. All display figures change background, border colors, and screen location, so repeatedly pressing the letter "C" produces a nice effect.

I'm sure there is a wish list of features for this application, but al the things I could think of were for me, not Cameron - and the app is written for Cameron - who really enjoys it.

Here is a 90 Second video showing Cameron and BabySmash.


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