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Cameron loves BabySmash!

My son Cameron is 2.5 years old, and loves to play on the keyboard. He knows his alphabet, and numbers, both written and in sign language. Sitting in front of the computer for him is very exciting because he watches mommy and daddy play with the letter toy quite a bit.

Last week (maybe two weeks ago) Scott Hanselman started a fun project called BabySmash, that simply plays a sound and displays a character or shape on the screen when a key is pressed on the keyboard. if the keystroke is a letter or number, then the corresponding character is display, along with a sound bite. Other keys show random shapes. All display figures change background, border colors, and screen location, so repeatedly pressing the letter "C" produces a nice effect.

I'm sure there is a wish list of features for this application, but al the things I could think of were for me, not Cameron - and the app is written for Cameron - who really enjoys it.

Here is a 90 Second video showing Cameron and BabySmash.



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