My First Article – TDD & Visual Studio 2005 Team System

I’m super psyched today, as my first article has been published!  I know many authors are reading this and laughing – but hey, it’s a start!  


The article is titled “Unit Testing with Whidbey” and appears on p.44 in the December, 2004 issue of .NET Developers Journal.  I want to publicly thank Gail, Derek, John, and the great people over at Sys Con who helped publish this article.  You guys were wonderful to work with (and very flexible too!!!)


The article is a brief walkthrough of the Unit Testing framework in the Beta 1 Refresh version of Visual Studio 2005 Team System.  With this article, I tried to highlight the features & benefits of using Microsoft’s new framework, as it relates to code-first TDD (Design » Interfaces » Code & Run Tests (Red) » Complete Implementation Code » Rerun Tests (Green) » Refactor.  


I do understand that many firmly believe that test-first implementation of TDD is the only way to go.  However, I felt that using the code-first approach was the best way to  highlight the “unit test code generation” functionality built into the Whidbey Unit Testing Framework.


Web-based version of the article - is located here (does NOT contain the figure images)

PDF for the entire December, 2004 issue here.


Update:  I had my first written Homer Simpson Moment   The second paragraph states:

   This unique approach to software development, created in 1989 as a component of eXtreme Programming


If you check the feedback on the article, Ron Jeffries states that:

One minor thing: TDD and Extreme Programming weren't around in 1989. The first XP project started in 1996. Of course a lot of the ideas of XP have been around a long time, but the first I ever saw TDD as it is described today was after 1996, maybe around 1998. Maybe 1989 is a typo for 1998?


Yes, it was a dyslexic typing moment,


Thanks to Ron Jeffries for noticing my typo.


UPDATE (12/28):  I've uploaded much better images that the ones on the website... Check them out! 


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