VSTS Unit Testing & Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta

Thanks to Dave Bost AGAIN, for saving us developers precious time. :)  First he published a GREAT MSDN article on installing VSTS.  Recently he resolved something that I ran into last week on a new machine build - the fact that the Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta effectively kills Unit Testing with Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 by blocking the resulting scripts from executing.  When you execute your tests, the Unit Testing Framework will generate dynamic scripts (with dynamic filenames), and attempt to execute them - but the AntiSpyware app blocks execution, and asks you for approval to execute.   The first problem is that VS 2005 completes execution and returns you to source view quicker than you can click the "Approve" button.  In addition, because the filenames are dynamically generated, each subsequent execution creates a new script, and each are blocked in succession. 

Dave's post with resolution instructions (turn off AntiSpyware's Script Blocking component) are located in his blog post.

Thanks Dave - You da man!

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