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October 2004 - Posts

Thoughts on Favre's Consecutive Games Played Streak

I still owe a post on the Packers crushing defeat of the dreaded Cowboys in week 7.  However, thanks to the website for this information, which puts Favre's streak into perspective.

NOTHER ELECTION PUTS STREAK IN PERSPECTIVE: Since Brett Favre launched his 196-game starting streak Sept. 27, 1992, people have moved from cassettes to CDs and 1 billion people went "on-line." The streak has encompassed the rise and fall of Martha Stewart, Beanie Babies, Ross Perot, Celine Dion and Y2K. Over the last 12-plus years, The Bridges of Madison County, The Client and Cold Mountain have gone from the best-seller list to the big screen to the video rental store. And, sandwiched within the streak are the O.J. Simpson trial, the first and last episodes of NBC's hit series Friends and Bill Clinton's two terms in office.

-In fact, next week will mark the fourth time during Favre's streak Americans have gone to the polls to vote for President. Clinton defeated George Bush (1992), won a second term over Bob Dole and Ross Perot (1996), and George W. Bush beat Al Gore (2000).

How to Debug Whidbey Unit Tests

Thanks to reidm for his post, on how to debug your unit tests in Whidbey Beta 1.

Dallas .NET User Group HOSTS the Microsoft Mobility Roadshow, November 9th, 2004

 Many in the DFW area might know me as the "Director of Speakers" for the Dallas .NET User Group.  Well, I wanted to send out a quick word that the Dallas .NET User Group is hosting the Microsoft .NET To Go Mobility Roadshow on November 9th, 2004.  The event will be held at the Microsoft offices in Las Colinas.  We're expecting a BIG turnout, so please, Register Today!  Let's make sure that the DFW Metroplex has the most attendees of any city, at this rock-solid event.

Have you been thinking about taking your code mobile? The .NET To Go Mobility Roadshow will provide you with the answers to your mobile development questions. Digging into the details, using more code and fewer slides, these technical sessions will show you how to develop and implement mobile solutions using the .NET Compact Framework and languages you are already familiar with.

Registration for this event will be handled by Microsoft.
To register for this FREE event or to learn more, go to

More Good Links - SOA, WSE 2.0, BizTalk

Check out the links for Indigo, SOA, WSE, & BizTalk provided by Ryan Storgaard [MS], MSDN Canada

Essential ASP.NET Webcast Sessions start November 9th & SQLServer 2005 Webcasts Announced

Thanks to the great MSDN Webcast Team for this information

Essential ASP.NET
Join Fritz Onion, instructor extrordinairre, through a 15, once a week webcasts that will dive into the innerworkings of ASP.NET.

SQLServer 2005 Week (Dec 6th-10th)
Check out these webcasts focusing on SQLServer
Official Site:

Listing of Ports used by Windows Server System (XLS file)

A BIG Thank You to Michael Kalbe for his post...

Click the link below to download a comprehensive listing of TCP/UDP ports for the Microsoft Windows Server System

Week 6: Is this the real Packers?

This game leaves Packer fans wanting to ask "Mulligan" for weeks 2-5!   Wanting to avoid over-used sports cliches, but can't - With their backs against the wall, the Packers returned in fine fashion, beating Detroit at Ford Stadium 38-10.  The game was a near perfect performance for the Packers.  Here are some of the highlights...

  • Held Detroit to 125 total yards, only 33 yards rushing!
  • The D' Scores - Darren Sharper picks off Harrington for a 35-yard TD!  First one since week one!
  • Packers only had 3 penalties for 15 yards!
  • Favre was 25/38 for 257 and 2 TDs
  • Ahman Green passed for a TD and had 0 fumbles!
  • Driver returned to his stud-self with 110 yards and 2 TDs.

The only area that needed help was special teams play, they failed to make any big runs.  All in all, an amazing performance.  Let's hope they can continue it back at home against the DREADED Cowboys!

Posted: Oct 17 2004, 03:28 PM by Scott Dockendorf | with no comments
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Want to Run Multiple Websites on XP Pro & Windows 2000 Pro?

Thanks to Laurent Kempé for this post.

If you want to run multiple websites on XP, check out these two utilities:

Edit & Continue for C# in Visual Studio 2005!

The voices have spoken!  C# die-hards rejoyce!   The official word is in!  Edit & Continue will be added to C# in Whidbey!

Here is Dan Fernandez's post on the great news (with a link to the specific feedback entry)!

Microsoft - THANK YOU!  (Yes I am a development geek!)

Good discussion of the Packers Woes!
Checkout this CNNSI Head2Head article, which attempts to place blame on the Packers demise of 2004.  I think every point in this writeup is valid.  Fellow Cheeseheads - what do you think?
Posted: Oct 14 2004, 03:46 PM by Scott Dockendorf | with no comments
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