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machineKey Setting for ASP.NET 2.0

Currently working with web clusters, non-sticky IPs, where you need a unified key for ViewState encryption and thought I would share these resources...

Death by Caffeine

Oh this ROCKS!

How much caffeine can you drink before dying?  Check this out to find out....

Posted: Aug 25 2005, 05:01 PM by Scott Dockendorf | with 3 comment(s)
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Team Foundation Server, Beta 3 & Visual Studio 2005 RTM News!

(from Rob Caron)

Rob recently blogged about some recent news regarding Visual Studio 2005, VSTS Team Foundation Server, SQLServer 2005.

  • eWeek - "Micrososft Readies Release Candidate, RTM of VS 2005"
  • InfoWorld - "MSDN Users to get early access to Visual Studio 2005 Tools"
  • Microsoft Watch - "Beta 3 of Team Foundation Server on the Way"
  • CNet (I'm shocked - actually a positive message about Microsoft from what a change ;) ) - "Microsoft plans to hit tools, database deadline."

The CNet article states that Microsoft will hand out copies of VS 2005 RC1 & a new SQLServer 2005 CTP to those attending the recently sold-out PDC!

Please visit Rob's blog post for these links (because I'm not a fan of people who lift blog content into their own posts without credit...) v1.0 RC1 is released!

[Found throug Sam Gentile - Thanks Sam!]

For those who are interested in a sweet application to automate your build process, OR are looking for a great application to help you implement Continuous Integration, then take a look at v1.0 RC1, which was just released. 

Please check out Sam's blog post for a few additional links and new features list, including

  • Native MSBUild support for .NET Fx v2
  • Rewritten CCTray application
  • Integration Properties
  • Web Dashboard as the Primary UI
One of my favorite speakers is coming to Dallas!

I have been a huge fan of Brian Randell, VB MVP & Senior Consultant with MCW Technologies, since I first saw him at TechEd '99, I believe.   Besides being a Metallica fan ;), he has a very good presentation style, seems to really enjoy doing talks, and is a very nice guy when you meet him offstage.  Well, Brian Randell is coming to Dallas for the "Methods & Masters" VB Upgrade Tour. 

  What can you learn about Visual Basic 2005 in three hours? How about how to create rich client applications that understand when their connected to the network and when they’re not? How about deploying these "smart clients" with a single click of your mouse? How about custom UI designs and custom controls that required tons of Win32 API calls and hand written code with VB6 that can now be done with just a few lines of code and no Win32 API calls? How about data binding you’d be proud to use in your own applications instead of writing it yourself? How about building solutions today that can integrate across your enterprise or across your home network with powerful and flexible networking classes? How about learning how you can leverage your existing development skills to build great browser-based web applications without having to write raw HTML? How about learning how you can protect your investment in VB6 while moving forward?

Come spend an evening with Brian A. Randell, a senior consultant with MCW Technologies and a Visual Basic MVP. Brian’s been using Visual Basic since version 2.0 and has spent the last 18 years building solutions and helping developers learn how to do it themselves. Brian will show you how much fun and productive development is with Visual Basic 2005 is and give you the straight answers on how you can move up from Visual Basic 6.0.

Event Date
Tuesday, September 20, 2005, 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Microsoft Corporation
7000 North State Highway 161
Irving, TX 75039

Registration is free; please register today!

101 Samples for Visual Studio 2005 Online

Check out the 101 Samples for Visual Studio 2005 site!   This site offers C# & VB examples for Base Class Libraries, Data Access, Web Development, & Windows Forms!  

The top of the page states that you can download all 101 samples.  However, at the bottom of the page you'll notice a "Coming Soon" section that states that the remaining 51 samples are coming soon. 

If you would like to see simiar examples for Visual Studio 2003 (VB & C#), click here.

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