My Upcoming ASP.NET Presentations in France, Finland, Ireland, Boston, New Zealand, Australia, and Las Vegas

I’ll be in Europe the next 2 weeks on business, and will be presenting at a number of events if you are interested in dropping by to say hi.  Here are the dates and details of where I am speaking:

I’m also then speaking the following month at TechEd in Boston (June 11th-16th), and will be making my first ever trip to New Zealand and Australia in August for TechEd New Zealand (August 21st-23rd) and TechEd Australia (August 22nd-25th).


I’ll also then be speaking at the ASP.NET Connections conference November 6th-9th in Las Vegas (we had 3000 people there last fall, and had a great turn out earlier this month at the ASP.NET Connections Orlando event – check out these demos+slides from one of my talks if you missed them).


Hope this helps (and now I have to run and start packing since my flight leaves in a few hours!),




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