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Building RSS Readers with ASP.NET Whidbey by ScottGu

Kent showed a simple RSS reader that can be built with the ASP.NET Whidbey alpha today. Note that in the alpha the XmlDataSource can only databind to local XML files stored on the file-system. With the beta we've added support for the XmlDataSource to...

Job Opportunities on ASP.NET and Visual Studio Web Development Tools Team by ScottGu

I've seen a few other blog entries advertising job openings, and decided to add to the list. We currently have openings for PM, Dev and Test positions on the ASP.NET and Visual Studio Web Development Tools team. If you are interested in applying, please...

New ASP.NET Web Resources Control Feature in Whidbey by ScottGu

Nikhil has posted two blogs on the new web resources feature in Whidbey. At a highlevel it provides a nice way for control developers to encapsulate resources for their controls within a compiled assembly (as resources), and then be able to leverage them...

Output Caching to Disk in Whidbey by ScottGu

Oddur asked an interesting question about caching out of process with ASP.NET: With ASP.NET V1 and V1.1, cached items are always stored in-memory. With ASP.NET Whidbey -- starting in the spring...
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