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  • New Version of Web Matrix Making Progress...

    Our team has been spend some cycles the last few months on a new refresh of Web Matrix.  We've unfortunately been heads-down on ASP.NET V1.1 and ASP.NET V2 for the last several months -- which is why the refresh has taken longer than we origionally hoped for.

    I got some great demos today of a few new features that will go down really well with customers.  My two favorite new features include in-line user control design-time support (so you actually see the user control contents within a page -- rather than the grey box that shows up today), as well as cool new support for Access/Jet databases (creating, editing, modifying and displaying them).  The later in particular will be great for ISP hosting scenarios -- especially given the new hosting support that will ship with ASP.NET V1.1.  Nikhil has also done a great job updating the look and feel of the IDE -- giving it a much more "alive" feeling that feels pretty cool. 

    Our current plan is to get all of the refresh features implemented by the end of this week.  We'll then spend a few weeks testing and fixing bugs (we're doing a full ASP.NET V2 test pass which will unfortunately delay this somewhat) -- and then ship it to the web later next month.  I am really jazzed to get this refresh out -- hopefully folks will find it well worth the wait. :-)

  • ScottGu Conference Update...

    I am starting to finalize my conference speaking schedule for the next few months.  My current plans include:

    -- Doing the keynote (as well as a few regular session talks) at the upcoming ASP.NET Connections Conference in New Orleans from May 6th-9th. 

    -- Doing 3 (maybe 4) talks at Microsoft TechEd in Dallas from June 1-6th. 

    -- Doing several talks at Microsoft TechEd Europe in Barcelona from June 30th-July 4th.

    Ping me if you'll be at any of these conferences and are interested in maybe doing a ASP.NET dinner one night.