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Software Design Engineer/Test job openings on ASP.NET, IIS and Visual Web Developer by ScottGu

A few weeks ago I wrote two separate blog posts about how we test products on my team, and the key role SDE/T's play in the product cycle. We have a few new SDE/T position openings that are now available if you or someone you know is interested in submitting...

Dynamically Varying Master Pages By Browser Type by ScottGu

One of the common scenarios that I heard at ApacheCon this week was to be able to dynamically modify/optimize a site's layout and style content based on browser version. There was an interesting talk by someone who runs who...

Clever Impression Tracking Technique by ScottGu

I mentioned earlier how I had been at ApacheCon this week. One of the best talks I saw there was from Michael Radwin of Yahoo who delivered an excellent talk on "Cache-Busting for Content Publishers". His slides can be found here . As part of his talk...

ApacheCon by ScottGu

I'm glad to be near the end of what has been a fairly exhausting (but useful) week. I spent most of it in Las Vegas at the ApacheCon conference ( where I spent 5 days hacking and playing with Apache. The conference itself was...

ASP.NET 2.0 and Visual Web Developer hit ZBB by ScottGu

It has been a long hard march the last few weeks, but we finished up both our full test pass and hit ZBB this week. We officially declared ZBB early Saturday morning (around 4am) when the last bug more than 48-hours old was checked in. We were a little...

ASP.NET Validators now work Client-Side on Mozilla with Whidbey Beta2 by ScottGu

I was on a Microsoft Unplugged Q&A panel at ASP.NET Connections last night in Las Vegas, and someone asked about what our plans were for uplevel support for non-IE browsers. I talked about the new controls we have in Whidbey like TreeView, Menu and...

Documentation Writer Positions Open on ASP.NET by ScottGu

The ASP.NET User Education team is looking for some new writers and asked me to post about them on my blog. Candidates should have: HTML and XML knowledge. Hands-on ASP.NET development experience. Writing experience, preferably writing for software or...

Tracking Bugs by ScottGu

Alex Leukhin asked some excellent questions about my last post on Testing ASP.NET 2.0 and Visual Web Developer : “Can you clarify - how issues are assigned to developers? Does a tester assign issues directly to members of development team, or they assign...

ScottGu OOF at ASP.NET Connections Next Week in Las Vegas by ScottGu

I’m off to the ASP.NET Connections conference in Las Vegas this weekend and will be there Sunday->Tuesday. It should be a fun conference with more than 1,400 people already signed up to attend. I’ll be doing the keynote talk Sunday night, and then...
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