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Visual Studio Tips/Tricks (Free Articles + Book) by ScottGu

Steve Smith published two cool articles on the ASPAlliance site last week that show how to get more out of Visual Studio and Visual Web Developer. You can read them both here: Visual Studio Debugger Tips and Tricks Using VS 2005 Code Snippets to Write...
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Using DLINQ with ASP.NET (Part 2 of my LINQ series) by ScottGu

Last month I wrote about the new LINQ language features for VB and C#. My blog post introduced some of the core concepts of LINQ, and demonstrated how you can use LINQ to perform rich queries over standard .NET business classes and object collections...

Supporting Templates with ASP.NET User Controls by ScottGu

ASP.NET User Controls (those files with the .ascx extensions) provide a really easy way to encapsulate functionality within an application, and allow it to be re-used across multiple pages and projects (note: for a tutorial on how to create re-usable...
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VS 2005 Web Application Projects, MSBuild, and Continuous Integrations by ScottGu

One thing that I thought would be worth spending a few minutes writing about is the built-in MSBuild support provided with the VS 2005 Web Application Project Model option . The project file used with VS 2005 Web Application Projects is a standard XML...
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