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Mike Volodarsky from the IIS 7.0 team recently created a new blog and has been posting up a storm of great IIS 7.0 related posts.  Mike owns the "integrated pipeline" and "server core extensibility" aspects of IIS7 - which among other things now allow you to write ASP.NET/.NET HttpModules that can participate in any web request to the server (for example: you could implement forms auth and role security for ASP, PHP, Java requests).  This gives you more power than ISAPI extensions/filters today - and best of all you can use any .NET language to build them.  I definitely recommend subscribing. 

If you haven't checked out yet, then I'd also recommend setting aside a few minutes to review some of the great content on it. aggregates blogs from team members.  Here is the RSS feed to subscribe.

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Published Thursday, October 19, 2006 8:02 AM by ScottGu
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