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Announcing Windows Azure Mobile Services by ScottGu

I’m excited to announce a new capability we are adding to Windows Azure today: Windows Azure Mobile Services Windows Azure Mobile Services makes it incredibly easy to connect a scalable cloud backend to your client and mobile applications.  It allows...

Windows Azure Media Services and the London 2012 Olympics by ScottGu

Earlier this year we announced Windows Azure Media Services . Windows Azure Media Services is a cloud-based PaaS solution that enables you to efficiently build and deliver media solutions to customers. It offers a bunch of ready-to-use services that enable...

“Unplugged” LIDNUG online talk with me on Friday (August 10th) by ScottGu

August 14th Update : A recording of this talk is now available here . Tomorrow, Friday August 10th, I’m doing another online LIDNUG session . The talk will be from 2pm to 3:30pm (Pacific Time). I do these talks a few times a year and they tend to be pretty...
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