My Upcoming Presentations in Orlando, Budapest, Amsterdam, Zurich, Mountain View and Phoenix

June is going to be a really busy travel month for me.  I'll be presenting at the following events if you are interested in attending and stopping by to say hi:

TechEd 2007 in Orlando on June 4th and 5th:

I'll be doing a Silverlight talk and two ASP.NET and VS "Orcas" talks. 

Click here for more details about the conference.

ReMIX 07 in Budapest, Hungary on June 11tht:

I'll be doing the keynote at the ReMIX conference as well as presenting Silverlight breakout talks.

Click here for more details about the conference.

ReMIX 07 and DevDays 07 in Amsterdam, Netherlands on June 13th and 14th:

I'll be doing the keynote at the ReMIX and DevDays conferences as well as presenting ASP.NET "Orcas" and Silverlight breakout talks.

Click here and here for more details about the conferences.

ReMIX 07 in Zurich, Switzerland on June 18th:

I'll be doing the keynote at the ReMIX conference, as well as presenting Silverlight breakout talks.  I'm also going to see if I might be able to speak at a local user group event in the evening.

Click here for more details about the conference.

Presentation in Mountain View, California on June 22nd

I'll be doing a keynote presentation at an event on the Microsoft campus in Mountain View California the morning of June 22nd. 

I'll then be attending Tim O'Reilly's "Foo" Camp event that weekend in Sebastopol.

Presentation in Phoenix, Arizona on June 27th 

Scott Cate is helping organize an event in Phoenix on Wednesday June 27th.  More details coming soon.

17 talks, 6 cities, 4 countries and 17,000 people - all within 23 days start to finish.  Hope to meet some of you at the events! :-) 

- Scott


  • Will you be handing out Scott's Silverlight Summer Tour t-shirts?

    We have a great community here in NY and NJ, we gota find a way to bring you here - how does the Autumn Orcas Tour sound?.

    See you in Orlando, I hope to record some of your sessions on video.

  • Wow unbelieve....:)

  • I am astonished...

  • Damn, when will you get time to do any coding?

  • This guy don´t sleep! Maybe he drinks blood also? Be careful!


  • Have you ever been to Montreal, QC ?
    It is a nice place during summer...

  • Looking forward to the Phoenix visit! Any idea yet on what you will be covering?

  • I like joe question :) "Damn, when will you get time to do any coding?"

  • Is there any chance you are comming to india this year. I think India has a large number of people interested in these new technology and attending a session by would be one of the best things

  • Er... do you know how... I'll use the word "weird" here [grin]... it looks when you're fscking up something this simple? Try to register for the Budapest ReMix. There are SEVEN places in all, and you can't register for at least one of them (I tried a couple others and they worked, or at least didn't open the same page).

  • He never sleeps, never misses a heart beat or a line of code and unfortunatly never comes to Johanesburg, South Africa either. It's a shame, we could do with the inspiration down here. ;)

  • Hi Scott,

    What about Mountain View? is it private or something? I live in Guatemala but I could travel to California to attend your presentation. I'm planing this year to go to the PDC, are you going to do something on PDC this year?


  • Hi Scott,

    Does this mean more or less blogging from you?

    Since this thread talks about lots of things and I know you're probably the person that has the power: could you check the link I put in the URL, specifically pbz's post? I'm trying to pitch the idea of Microsoft shipping the source code to the framework (ASP.NET and/or Silverlight). You may already have formed an opinion on this, but it can't hurt to ask, right? I'm not one of those "open source or nothing" guys, but I think having the source code to the framework you're building upon is worth its weight in gold. A "read only" license is all I'm asking; I don't want to copy the code and/or reuse it -- nothing like that. All I need is the code of the base class so that when I inherit from a class or even just use the class I wouldn't have to "walk blindfolded". Having the source will make me a better programmer, which will make my code better, which will benefit the platform/community overall.

    Have a good day.

  • Very hard to hear you are not going to come to Spain to the Remix in Madrid.
    We still waiting you.

  • Hi, seeing your agenda, I know you are a really busy guy, but, there isn't a possibility for you to come to Brasil? =D

  • @Laurent >> I'd love to come to Montreal sometime (I've never been)!

    @Andrew >> In Phoenix I'll be covering ASP.NET and VS "Orcas", as well as talking about Silverlight. Should hopefully be fun. :-)

    @Vikram >> I'm hoping to travel to India this autumn. I don't have firm plans yet, but am going to try and visit there.

    @Juan >> Sorry about not attending the ReMIX in Spain this year! I only had about 10 days that I could be in Europe and the dates for Spain didn't work out for my trip. :-(

    @Felipe >> I've never been to Brazil - but hope to visit some day!



  • What's going on in Mountain View? I missed the announcement :)

  • Where can we find out time and location of the event? I'm in Phoenix.

  • Hi Brenda,

    I'll update this blog post in a week or two once the final location and times are known. I believe it will be in downtown Phoenix, though, at a movie/theatre center.

    Hope this helps,


  • Hi scott,

    Is there any link where we can find the planning for the mountain view event ?



  • Hi Frederic,

    I'll be posting more details about the event next week - I'm just waiting to get the details myself.



  • Hi Scott,

    Will be in the audience tomorrow in Amsterdam. Looking forward to see some silverlight demos. Good luck.

    Jeroen van Menen lead developer of WatiN.

  • Hi Scott,

    Just returned at home after visiting Day 1 of your Amsterdam stop. Compliments for both your Keynote today and your session on Orcas and ASP.NET.
    Can't wait for tomorrow, i'm very much looking forward to your indepth Silverlight sessions.

  • Hi Scott,

    Visited your keynote speech today at DevDays in Amsterdam. The Silverlight demos really look astonishing. Great keynote! The demo of Beau (of METALIQ) was also very good.

    Good luck with the rest of your speeches this month.

    P.S.: Too bad of the crashes during the design demo :)

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