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May 2004 - Posts

Article: The Quest for ASP.NET Scalability

just published on MSDN:

In this article, Michèle looks at some of the architectural and design decisions that may affect ASP.NET application scalability. In addition, she looks at how you can use Enterprise Services and MSMQ to reduce the effect of those scalability problems.

How Many Threads Does it Take to Slow an Application?
How Do I Scale Thee...Let Me Count The Ways
A Little Case Study in Scalability Architecture
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Article: Protecting Your Data Integrity with Transactions in ADO.NET

just published on MSDN:

"Transactions are a key feature for maintaining data integrity when modifying data. Get an overview of transactions and their importance, then learn how to use them to protect data in your .NET applications."

Anatomy of a Transaction
Transactions with ADO.NET
Implementing Transactions

Best Practices Analyzer Tool for Microsoft SQL Server 2000 1.0

Microsoft has released its Best Practices Analyzer Tool for Microsoft SQL Server 2000 1.0.

Microsoft SQL Server Best Practices Analyzer is a database management tool that lets you verify the implementation of common Best Practices. These best practices typically relate to the usage and administration aspects of SQL Server databases and ensure that your SQL Servers are managed and operated well.

My thoughts on dasBlog


  • Uses file-based data storage because I don't have an Sql Server (most important for me!)
  • It's free
  • Templates are easy to use and manage
  • Hierarchical catagories
  • Internationalization support
  • Search box
  • Crosspost

Missing features:

  • Working with drafts / hide posts to users
  • Disable comments for individual posts (then we have somenthing like articles in .Text)
  • Overview of all comments
  • Internationalization support could be better: I'm posting in German and English. dasBlog enables me to mark posts as German, English and "Invariant" and users will only see entries in their language. BUT I need German and "not-German". When I mark my post with "Invariant Language" Germans will see both posts: German and English. If I would set my English post to "English" then Spain users don't see anything.

Open issues:

  • dasBlog does not write any log files at my ISP

Conclusion: I love it because it uses file-based storage and is simple to manage but I don't understand why no logs will be written ....

Article: XML Support in Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Just published on MSDN


This article discusses the XML support built into SQL Server 2005. It shows how this support integrates with the client side programming support in the .NET Framework V2.0 and in native code such as OLEDB and SQLXML.


Articles: Visual Studio 2005 Team System

Just published on MSDN:

Visual Studio 2005 Team System: Overview
Provides an overview of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System and the role it plays in increasing the productivity and predictability of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Visual Studio Team System is part of the Microsoft Solution System, which integrates process guidance, prescriptive architectures, and life cycle tools for successfully deploying solutions on the Windows Server System .

Visual Studio 2005 Team System: Microsoft Solutions Framework
Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) is an integrated system of process guidance that embraces both agile and formal methodologies and provides a framework to implement a customized solution for a wide variety of projects.

Visual Studio 2005 Team System: Building Robust and Reliable Software
Describes the code analysis and performance tools available in Visual Studio 2005 Team System.

Visual Studio 2005 Team System: Extending the Suite
Visual Studio 2005 Team System is an extensible set of software development life cycle tools that helps teams reduce the complexity of building modern service-oriented software and facilitates better communication among members participating throughout the development process. These tools are integrated through a set of integration services and tool-specific APIs that are publicly available for integrating additional tools.

Visual Studio 2005 Team System: Designing Distributed Systems for Deployment
This article examines software design tools available in Visual Studio 2005 Team System for building distributed applications.

Visual Studio 2005 Team System: Enterprise-Class Source Control and Work Item Tracking
This article describes the integrated change management components for enterprise-class source code control, work item management, and reporting available in Visual Studio 2005 Team System.

Visual Studio 2005 Team System: Enabling Better Software Through Better Testing
This article examines tools for testing software that are integrated into Visual Studio 2005 Team System.

Visual Studio 2005 Team System: Software Project Management
This article examines software project management tools available in Visual Studio 2005 Team System

Article: SOA Challenges - Entity Aggregation

New article on MSDN about Entity Aggregation in a SOA:

Summary: Use Entity Aggregation (EA), within the larger content of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), to integrate duplicate information present in different services in your enterprise that are autonomous in nature—HR, Payroll, and Benefits, for example.

Section 1 discusses the problem context and scenarios that require integration of information that is present in different systems.
Section 2 discusses various solution models that can be used to implement an entity aggregation solution.
Section 3 covers some of the key design issues that a solutions architect faces while implementing the solution.
Section 4
covers Microsoft technologies that can be used to build an EA solution.

Playing with abbreviations (SOA-P)

Q: What's the relation between service-oriented architecture (SOA) and the simple object access protocol (SOAP)?
A: Let's call SOAP the SOA-Protocol ...

Looks good, doesn't it? :-)

NTime - Performance unit testing tool

Adam Slosarski presents NTime -a perfomance testing tool- on code project.

Sample Image - NTime.gif

Article: Design Patterns Implementation in a Storage Explorer Application

Great article by Breman Sinaga at 

Breman explains common design patterns by a Storage Explorer sample application:

Introduction: "A lot of information about GoF design patterns has been published, however most of the examples use separate illustration for each pattern, and the sample code is not an application with a real function. The Storage Explorer is a small application that is designed to use several design patterns together. While the main purpose of this submission is to share the code than to teach the reader about design patterns, the discussion about the application design itself is explained using design patterns.

This article discusses the structure of the application, the design patterns that I use, how it works and the advantages of using them. In my opinion design pattern is worth learning. Developers who have design pattern skill can recognize the intent of a program and the purpose by identifying the patterns. The classes with complex relations then can be understood better and faster than if the developers only understand basic OO design. The design patterns can be used as a thinking model for the designer and the code reader.

The application is used to explore file composition inside a computer storage. The design patterns that are used are: Strategy, Observer, Adapter, Template Method, Singleton and Wrapper Façade. The first five are known as GoF design patterns and the last one is a POSA pattern (POSA book volume-2).

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