To Test or Not To Test: Not a Question!


There was a lot of noise generated by a blog “The Duct Tape Programmer”. There were lots of responses as well (link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link…). The last one I read was from Oren, where he puts it plain – just don’t do it.

I have my reasons to disagree with the statement(s) Joel wrote in his blog, but probably the most important one is about testing. Probably the reason for that is because I was developing without TDD for quiet a while, and I saw the difference. To me tests are design, and if you drop them, well, hell with design. A good project has to have a good design, and design starts from code, expressed first in tests, and after that in production code.

PS: if you disagree, the trash bin in on your desktop, not at my blog comments. 10x

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