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  • Technology Predictions for 2013

    The year 2012 was the year of hypes and we had lot of discussions about Cloud, Big Data and Enterprise Mobility. The year 2013 will be the year, where we can see lot of hypes will become realities. Just going behind the hypes will not help you, but a pragmatic approach to new technologies will give you lot of business values and operational agility. In 2013,  Mobile apps will continue the momentum and Cloud adoption will be widely improved on 2013. Organizations, especially larger organizations will invest huge amount for enabling the enterprise mobility in the year 2013, and they will try to expose REST/Hypermedia APIs over the organizational data, for providing a better mobility across the enterprise and public world.

  • Microsoft TypeScript : A Typed Superset of JavaScript

    JavaScript is becoming a ubiquitous programming language for the web, and the popularity of JavaScript is increasing day by day. Earlier, JavaScript was just a language for the browser. But now, we can write JavaScript apps for browser, server and mobile. With the advent of Node.js, you can build scalable, high performance apps on the server with JavaScript. But many developers, especially developers who are working with static type languages, are hating the JavaScript language due to the lack of structuring and the maintainability problems of JavaScript. Microsoft TypeScript is trying to solve some problems of JavaScript when we are building scalable JavaScript apps.