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Edge.js - Running Node.js and .NET in One Process by shiju

C# is the most powerful static type programming language which can be used for developing wide variety of applications. Node.js is a server-side JavaScript platform which can be used for building high performance scalable applications on the V8 JavaScript...
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Consuming Windows Azure Mobile Services REST API from ASP.NET Web API App by shiju

Windows Azure Mobile Services lets the developers to use structured storage, user authentication and push notifications to Android, iOS, HTML, Windows Store, or Windows Phone 8 apps  by leveraging the Windows Azure Cloud platform. Using with Windows...

Windows Azure SDK 2.0 for .NET Released by shiju

The Windows Azure Cloud Computing platform has been in the big news after the platform exceeded the annual revenue of $1 billion. Today, Microsoft has been released the Windows Azure SDK 2.0 for .NET update that lets the .NET developers to build Windows...
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