About Sreedhar Koganti's Blog

This blog is aimed primarily for sharing my experience in IT and about .Net

Who am I?
About me

More than 15 years’ experience in software and system development. Mastered in using software methodologies, policies and procedures in simple to complex projects. Experienced in leading the technical team in right direction to reach the project goals using the best possible project management methodologies and practices. Has got opportunity to architect applications using state-of-the-art technologies. Has got very good insight on languages, databases, and tools. Very good at streamlining and managing Project Teams. Published articles in verious websites, and magazines. Presented technology solutions at Code Camps, User Groups. Contributed to an ASP.NET Developer Cook book.

What I do in life?
Work in IT and live with 0 and 1. Depending on situation I will change my hats time to time as a Scrum Master, Lead, or Architect etc. , Don't think that means I only Lead/design/architect projects. I help/work in all areas of Software Development Life Cycle.

Personally I feel my self as Software Craftsman.

What I am good at?
Personally I feel I am good at motivating team to lead the project in right direction. Love teaching (Don't think I have tooo much knowledge, what ever I have I can present it better).

What I hate?
The word Tight Dead Line for a Project! I feel Project should have some flexibility.

What I like in IT?
Good team, passionate about the project and giving best for it.

Best picture which I have seen in my life?
Pale Blue Dot, i.e our planet earth picture and it’s location in the solar system. It amazes me always.

How I am attracted towards IT? http://weblogs.asp.net/skoganti/archive/2004/11/15/257488.aspx

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