About Sreedhar Koganti's Blog

This blog is aimed primarily for sharing my experience in IT and about .Net

Who am I?
About me

Previously I used to manage www.w3coder.com, now for a change, I am developing http://www.w3coder.org/ (Under development for DEV community)

What I do in life?
Work in IT and live with 0 and 1. My role at work is Architect. , Don't think that means I only design/architect projects. I help/work in all areas of Software Development Life Cycle.

At my work I might have a designation as Architect, but personally I feel my self as Software Craftsman.

What I am good at?
Personally I feel I am good at motivating team to lead the project in right direction. Love teaching (Don't think I have tooo much knowledge, what ever I have I can present it better).

What I hate?
The word Tight Dead Line for a Project! I feel Project should go and have some flexibility.

What I like in IT?
Good team, passionate about the project and giving best for it.

Best picture which I have seen in my life?
Pale Blue Dot, i.e our planet earth picture and it’s location in the solar system. It amazes me always.

How I attracted towards IT? http://weblogs.asp.net/skoganti/archive/2004/11/15/257488.aspx

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