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2 Cents Comment on DotnetBlogs and their fugure:

These are the comments/response to Scotts posting at http://aspnetweblog.com/posts/5476.aspx

Well, First I have to appreciate Scott, for coming up with the great Idea of DotnetBlogs/putting his lot of time on this!

First of all, Scott question (future of Blogs) is vary tricky one, I never got this kind of tricky situation or question in my projects/life up to now ;)

 After giving this question to my brain, after couple of hours thinking (Asynchronously) on this Issues here is the result I got from it:


"I would think Grouping the blogs into categories and showing them randomly in main feed is one of the best idea I thought. Also I thought many people might or liked to see in that way."

I you ask me about the future of the dotnetblogs, I would think, definitely it has a long time to go. That’s for sure.


[Only 80% of time, my brain given right answers up to now!!!]


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