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I am back from Redmond. Here in brief!

I saw some interesting new features, which are coming in next release. I am on NDA, I can’t speak out those, but really many of the new features will fit easily in our projects, I bet those make our applications robust. I would also think those new futures will make developers life easy for building applications.

I have to really appreciate Rob, Scott and their group for showing the bits, as we would like to see. I have to thank Scott for showing .Net development building, how they would do stress test and explaining their process in detail.

I actually thought the daily schedule would be from 9 to 5 and I planned accordingly, because of that I missed ‘space needle’ group trip. That was sad part. But if any one got chance to go there, my suggestion is devote your full time to them, then that will become your awesome trip.

Also listening Anders Hejlsberg (C# inventor) talk made me to start thinking in other dimension also. I tried to observe and analyze him while he speaks, he is such a great thinker, he completely thinks out of the box. One should have to talk to him at lest once.

And last one and only one Don Box talk was really exiting. Though he did not discussed any thing deeply, I really liked his speech, may be because I have a feeling from long time that he has best presentation skills. Also one happy word I heard from him is DIME is going away. From long time even I am also thinking in the same way.

Also I have to thank Andrew for providing me the link for campus. That helped me to walk around the campus easily. Also meeting Steve directly was interesting, though I did not have chance to talk to him much, because of class schedules and my improper evening plans.

Though I did not planned properly, I had a good time there. I could not resist appreciating Rob once again for his afforest on it. Finally,  if any one of you got a chance to go there, my suggestion is devote your full time to them. Then you can enjoy very well.

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I am all set to go to Redmond for preview

I am all set to go to Redmond, for preview, I can’t wait to go.
This is first time I am going there; hopefully I will have a good time there.

I will be staying at HomeStead village; they said it is walking distance to the event. I am planning to see some wonder full things in MS campus (evenings, after the event).
If any one out there knows more about the campus, please help me on this.


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