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  • Default maxRequestLength given hard time to me!!

    Previously one of our (GSA Client) clients file upload application is in ASP. Now we are planning to convert it into .Net. When I convert and upload a large file, I started getting errors, the same file I used to upload easily in ASP??
    15 min I pulled my hair to solve this error! After some time I realized maxRequestLength in httpRuntime is causing the problem. Haa… some times brain won’t react early to identify the issues!!

  • New study group is comming in DC!!!

    If any one of you are living in VA or DC, its good news for you to update or share .Net knowledge. There is a new group (DC-ASP-Study) is starting today, link for the group you can get at DC-ASP-Study . I am also planning to be there. Also if any one of you planning to join with us today please join the group and drop an email, so that we will have some estimation on how many people are coming.