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  • I am teaching free ASP.NET class at ByteBack again!!!

    Again this year also as part of community work, I am teaching free ASP.NET classes at byteback!


    I forgot to blog this information, we had completed 2 classes, if any one interested you can contact ByteBack and come to classes.


    Table of Contents (Syllabus)


    0.     Overview


    1.     Introduction to.NET and Web


    2.     Beginning ASP.NET and GUI


    3.     Language Fundamentals to use in ASP.NET


    4.     State Management in ASP.NET


    5.     Debugging and Exception Handling


    6.     Database Programming Part 1


    7.     Database Programming Part 2 


    8.     Web Services in .Net world 


    9.     Project Work discussions and working on Projects


        10. Session Two on Project work

    If any one is interested to learn ASP.NET, please come. Classes will be every Saturday 2:30 to 4:00 pm. I am planning to complete this in 8 to 10 sessions. As this IT helped me to live and lead my life, to help needy people who really wanted to learn the next generation best software development technology (ASP.NET), I was teaching this class for free at


    Yes, like I mentioned above, I am going to teach and preach the next generation best software development technology, in those 10 sessions J

  • We (Me and My wife) had instantiated an Object type human (HAPPY NEW's)

    I am very happy to share this information; we (Me and My wife) had instantiated an Object type human on Jul 5th 2005 7:41 pm.


    We named that objects as SREEVAMSEE. This object is occupied 21inches of  space (on earth) when it's been instantiated, hoping it occupies more space (On Earth) as time goes.


    This object, has inherited many of our (Me, my wife and other family members) properties and methods, also as Polymorphism is part of OOP, he also overridden some of the functions and made them as his own properties.


    SREEVAMSEE.GetObjectType resulted as Baby boy!


    Though it's a well behaving object, GC is not still implemented; we are talking care of that part now and hoping in future this object will have its own well behaved GC :)


    Finally we are planning to do our best to make/shape this object as a better human and we are also hoping this object will be the best next generation human object.


    Even though we instantiated this object, this object is running under it's own thread, and when we traced the root of this thread, it's been running under CREATOR (GOD) process by using God's beautiful imagination software. Hoping Creator bless SREEVAMSEE object and off course all of us!


    Finally I salute, wonder, surprise and admire Creator's wonderful time/space life concept. Also I am very happy to be a part of his imagination/desire and will pray/thank him for giving me (and also to us) a chance to become part of his creation.