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  • Silverlight TextBox control Fun Example...Fun to test the example...

    From long time I was playing with Silverlight, as like all others I was also eagerly waiting for Textbox control in next release. Mean time I have found some custom textbox control from Rob Conery Blog. Thanks for him for making it. Ofcourse we could try 'Access the HTML DOM from Managed Code' approch, but I was more keen on having Textbox in XAML only as that tried it. As many people are still don't know what Sliverlight is, I have made a very simple example fun example. Play with the example and have fun. The below example is hosted at If you also want to learn and host, check the site.  

    The sample questions you can send out to space are:
    1. Hello World
    2. Do you want to come to Earth?
    3. Why do you want to come to earth?
    4. Why you want to learn .Net?
    5. What transportation you use to come to earth?
    <You can't copy and paste the question in Textbox as textbox is not that mature now. So please type the question in textbox>

    Hope you will have fun with this example and if you are begginer please check site. Worth to check....
    NOTE: You need to have Silverlight to run this example. If you don't have download it...don't panic..this is what you will use in hurry and download and be one of the first person having it...:)