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  • Azure Mobile Services: available modules

    Azure Mobile Services has documented a set of objects available in your Azure Mobile Services server side scripts at their documentation page Mobile Services server script reference. Although the documented list is a nice list of objects for the common things you want to do, it will be sooner than later that you will look for more functionality to be included in your script, especially with the new provided feature that you can now create your custom API’s. If you use GIT it is now possible to add any NPM module (node package manager module, say the NuGet of the node world), but why include a module if it is already available out of the box. And you can only use GIT with Azure Mobile Services if you are an administrator on your Azure Mobile Service, not if you are a co-administrator (will be solved in the future).

  • Azure Mobile Services: what files does it consist of?

    Azure Mobile Services is a platform that provides a small set of functionality consisting of authentication, custom data tables, custom API’s, scheduling scripts and push notifications to be used as the back-end of a mobile application or if you want, any application or web site. As described in my previous post Azure Mobile Services: lessons learned the documentation on what can be used in the custom scripts is a bit minimalistic. The list below of all files the complete Azure Mobile Services platform consists of ca shed some light on what is available in the platform. In following posts I will provide more detailed information on what we can conclude from this list of files.

  • From the PDC: Windows Azure - the Windows cloud server - is here!

    New times have arived! Exactly what we hoped for, developing for the cloud using Microsoft technology. Of course, EC2 and Google App Engine did beat Microsoft in timing, but bringing up Linux instances, and learning python happened to be a big hurdle for a guy who has been using Microsoft technology for too long. I did some testing with both platforms and was impressed by their concepts. But the Azure cloud platform that Microsoft announced today is more "my kind of candy".