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SharePoint, Features and web.config modifications using SPWebConfigModification by svdoever

SharePoint has a great way for deploying content and functionality using Windows SharePoint Services Solution Packages (WSP's). While developing a powerful new feature for SharePoint Publishing sites I had to deploy a HttpModule "the SharePoint"...
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SharePoint WCM: flushing publishing pages from the cache by svdoever

SharePoint WCM does a lot of caching. One of the things that is cached are the publishing pages. These pages are cached in the object cache. Sometimes there is a situation where you want to flush a publishing page from the cache. In my case I had to flush...
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Debugging SharePoint/ASP.NET code? Smart key-codes + disable timeout! by svdoever

I'm currently running around in the Visual Studio debugger to debug some complex SharePoint code. There are two things really annoy me: all the mouse-clicks needed to attach to the Internet Information Server process and the time-out you get when you...
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