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PowerShell: dot source scripts into your module by svdoever

You can create wrapper modules around existing library script files you “dot source” ‘d into your PowerShell 1.0 code by dot sourcing them into your module. Problem is that from a module your current location is the location of the script that first imported...


DualLayout - Complete HTML freedom in SharePoint Publishing sites! by svdoever

Main complaint about SharePoint Publishing is HTML output size and quality. DualLayout to the rescue: complete HTML freedom in all your publishing pages! In this post I will introduce our approach, in later posts I will go into details on my personal...

Why use SharePoint Publishing for public internet sites? by svdoever

Is SharePoint the best Web Content Management System you can get? Is it the best platform for your internet sites? Maybe not. There are specialized WCM platforms like Tridion, SiteCore and EPIServer that might be better. But there are many reasons why...
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