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NAnt XmlList command updated by svdoever

A while a go I wrote a handly NAnt task to select data from XML files using XPath expressions . A few days ago I got a reaction on the blog by Matt who wants to try to get it in NAntContrib, and suddenly I got a new and improved version by Jonni Faiga...
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NAnt, and devenv.exe by svdoever

In NAnt there is a solution task that works for VS.NET 2003, but not for VS.NET 2005. I needed to build a VS.NET 2005 solution from NAnt, so devenv.exe to the rescue: devenv.exe mysolution.sln /build Debug . Problem was that I did not get any output from...
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NAnt task xmllist, way more powerful than xmlpeek (source provided) by svdoever

UPDATE: See for an updated version of the NAnt XmlPeek command. I have a love-hate relationship with the <xmlpeek> command in NAnt. The problems I have with it are...
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NAnt question: evaluate NAnt expressions in text read from file by svdoever

I have a NAnt problem: I want to read file from text (actually xmlpeek from an XML document), and evaluate the NAnt expressions defined in the text. So for example: FILE: Input.txt: This is a ${word} text! FILE: <project default...
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NAnt intellisense in VS.NET 2003 by svdoever

I know, a zillion people wrote about intellisense in VS.NET for NAnt files already, but just as a reminder for myself I write this blog entry: Create a file with the following NAnt code, modify the SchemaFile property for your...
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VS.NET and hintpath problems... by svdoever

In a project we are working with multiple developers AND a build server on a large set of Visual Studio solutions. Problem is that when we have references to a folder with shared assemblies, the relative path to those assemblies specified by a hintpath...
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NAnt: concatenate filenames by svdoever

I'm currently constructing some NAnt build scripts for our continuous integration build environment for SharePoint development. One thing I want to do is that on the development server is that I want to install compiled web part assemblies and their references...
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