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Nokia 770 development options... Flash? by svdoever

For some time now I’m looking into building rich internet applications using Flash. I’m very impressed by Flex 2 and did some adventures in developing with it. Flex 2 is still alpha and targets the new Flash version 8.5. Now I have a Nokia...
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Setting up the development environment for the Nokia 770 by svdoever

The development environment for the Nokia 770 linux-based device has to run on.. you guessed: Linux. As a developer the best place to go to is From here you can get all the information to get you started. Even if you don't have the device...
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The Nokia 770: an amazing device! by svdoever

Lets have this said first: I really don't want to advertize for Nokia, and I'm in no way affiliated to Nokia, I'm just a happy user! In a previous post I already described the Nokia 770 device. Within 24 hours of ordering UPS came at my door to deliver...
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Nokia 770, linux-based tablet, 800x480, bluetooth, Wifi, USB, and.... .Net development using Mono! by svdoever

Nokia just came out with a great new device: the Nokia 770. It is a Linux based device running Internet Tablet 2005 software edition. It has a small form factor and 800x480 resolution, with 225-pixel-per-inch in 65536 colors. It is a computer, not a swiss...
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