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Persisting custom properties on a Visual Studio project using object model by svdoever

It is possible to persist custom properties in your Visual Studio project. I will show how using some PowerShell code in the NuGet console. Note that VariableValue() persist in session, the call to VariablePersists() writes to the project file for persistance...
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Set the properties on your Visual Studio project by svdoever

Reminder to self: Settings properties on a Visual Studio project,like DefaultNamespace and AssemblyName. In NuGet console window: (Get-Project).Properties.Item("DefaultNamespace").Value = "HelloWorld" Available properties on a simple...
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NuGet: refreshing NuGet packages in packages folder during development by svdoever

I'm working on NuGet packages in a Visual Studio project. On build I publish a new version of my nuget package to a repository (a directory on my system). I don't increment version numbers after each change, i only want to do that on published versions...
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NuGet: should you check-in packages into source control? by svdoever

Interesting discussion at about checking in NuGet packages into source control. NuGet packages can contain more than a simple libraries, it can contain tools that grow quite big as well. Good example in the...
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NuGet: test if a package is installed by svdoever

With Get-Package you can get the list of currently installed packages. How can you test if a package is installed? Get-Package returns list of packages as follows: Id                            ...
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