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Facebook makes some of its core libraries open source (C++) by svdoever

For Facebook with 900.000.000 users one of the most important things is performance. Core libraries of Facebook are written in C++, and some of these libraries are now open-source on github: . See also the blog post http...
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SharePoint Wizard and MVP Patrick "Profke" Tisseghem is offline, till the end of time... by svdoever

For years and years I have followed the travels of Patrick "Profke" Tisseghem from one end of the world to the other end of the world on my screen in Windows Live Messenger. Patrick was a busy guy, evangelizing, educating, inspiring the world. It was...
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Reduce the size of a virtual hard disk before delivery for reuse by svdoever

When delivering a virtual hard disk to your team to build their virtual machines on I perform the following steps to minimize the size of the virtual hard disk. It is assumed that Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 is installed. Make sure you merged the Undo...
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VirtualPC/Virtual Server machine at higher resolution than 1600x1200! by svdoever

I have always been so annoyed by the fact that on my laptop with 1920x1200 resolution I could only get a connection to my virtual machines at a resolution of 1600x1200, the max resolution by the emulates S3 graphics board, resulting in two 160 pixesl...
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youOS, a web operating system. The ultimate AJAX application by svdoever

I can't remember how I stumbled across YouOS , but I must say I'm impressed. YouOS is a web operating system running in your browser. It provides a shared virtual server where multiple people can run their applications and interact with eachother. It...
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PowerShell: "Cleaning" a path name, searching for smarter solution... by svdoever

When you construct a path in powershell with for example Join-Path, you can get things like ".."in your path. For example: Join-Path -Path "c:\program files" -ChildPath "..\Temp" results in: "c:\program files\..\Temp" Instead of: "c:\Temp" I had to solve...
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PowerShell Community Extensions 1.0 Released @ CodePlex by svdoever

Keith Hill released the PowerShell Community Extensions version 1.0 at . This well documented set of extra CmdLets, aliases and scripts provides you with a lot of goodies that make life in both PowerShell as a Shell...
Filed under: , actual facts on 3000 open-source projects with 220 million lines of source code - impressive!! by svdoever

Thanks to born2code (Dutch blogger) I was introduced to the impressive site , a directory of open-source projects where the code repositories of the projects are crawled to gather all kinds of statistic and historical facts. http://ohloh...
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It is possible to run VMware images and Windows Server 2003 on Amazon's EC2!! by svdoever

I just got a reaction on my blog post Microsoft and virtualisation: Amazon EC2 functionality using Windows Hypervisor technology code-named Viridian? from Reuven . See
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MSDN Magazine's available as handy .chm files by svdoever

I heard it before but never looked at it: the MSDN magazines are also available as handy .chm files! Ohad Israeli posted a comment on this blog post about problems reading .chm files due to security restrictions, with a link to the collection of .chm...
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