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SharePoint: UI for ordering list items by svdoever

SharePoint list items have in the the base Item template a field named Order . This field is not shown by default. SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013 have a possibility to specify the order in a UI, using the _layouts page: {SiteUrl}/_layouts/Reorder.aspx...
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SharePoint 2013 is running on .Net 4 framework by svdoever

The new SharePoint is running on the .Net 4 framework, but still using ASP.NET web forms, and not ASP.NET MVC. As far as I can see its running on ASP.NET Web Forms 4.0, although Chris O’Brian (
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Getting SharePoint 2013 dev machine up and running in 5 minutes by svdoever

I’m a happy customer of , and only days after the release of SharePoint 2013 preview I was able to spin up an instance of SharePoint Server 2013 with the following configuration: SharePoint Server 2013 Preview Description: OS...
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SharePoint.DesignFactory.ContentFiles–building WCM sites by svdoever

One of the use cases where we use the SharePoint.DesignFactory.ContentFiles tooling is in building SharePoint Publishing (WCM) solutions for SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010 and Office365. Publishing solutions are often solutions that have one instance...

SharePoint.DesignFactory.ContentFiles - Installation by svdoever

The SharePoint.DesignFactory.ContentFiles tooling can be used to develop, test, package and deploy SharePoint files and metadata that can be uploaded to the SharePoint content database. Use this tooling for developing and packaging your master pages,...

Thoughts on building deployable and updatable SharePoint solutions by svdoever

Thoughts on building deployable and updatable share point solutions View more PowerPoint from svdoever

SharePoint.DesignFactory.ContentFiles NuGet package released by svdoever

Wouldn’t it be great to edit your SharePoint 2007/2010/Office365 content files like master pages, page layouts, web part files, style library files etc. etc. in Visual Studio, use intellisense, source control and the XSLT debugger, but without the overhead...

SharePoint 15: What is coming? by svdoever

Something everyone busy with SharePoint would like to know: what will be the new features of SharePoint? What has been changed in the existing functionality? A lot of information that will point us in the right direction is available now from the source...
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DualLayout for SharePoint 2010 WCM Quick Start by svdoever

DualLayout for SharePoint 2010 WCM is a solution to provide you with complete HTML freedom in your SharePoint Server 2010 publishing pages. In this post I provide a quick start guide to get you up and running quickly so you can try it out for yourself...

DualLayout OpenSourceFood demo site installation instructions by svdoever

We released DualLayout which enables advanced web design with the power of SharePoint. DualLayout and a demo site which shows off the feature of DualLayout can be downloaded from the DualLayout product page . This blogpost contains detailed instructions...
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