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DualLayout - Complete HTML freedom in SharePoint Publishing sites! by svdoever

Main complaint about SharePoint Publishing is HTML output size and quality. DualLayout to the rescue: complete HTML freedom in all your publishing pages! In this post I will introduce our approach, in later posts I will go into details on my personal...

The future of Domain Specific Languages on the Visual Studio platform by svdoever

Now Visual Studio 2008 is released (I know, I'm blogger #100.000 to mention this) it is interesting to look at the future of one of the important building blocks on the Microsoft platform for building Software Factories: the DSL Tools. Stuart Kent , Senior...
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Factories @ Macaw - the DotNed presentation of april 26, 2007 by svdoever

On april 26, 2007 I gave a presentation at the Macaw headquarters in Schiphol-Rijk, The Netherlands on what we are doing with Software Factories at Macaw. I promised the audience to publish some links to tools and information mentioned in the presentation...
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