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Persisting custom properties on a Visual Studio project using object model by svdoever

It is possible to persist custom properties in your Visual Studio project. I will show how using some PowerShell code in the NuGet console. Note that VariableValue() persist in session, the call to VariablePersists() writes to the project file for persistance...
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Set the properties on your Visual Studio project by svdoever

Reminder to self: Settings properties on a Visual Studio project,like DefaultNamespace and AssemblyName. In NuGet console window: (Get-Project).Properties.Item("DefaultNamespace").Value = "HelloWorld" Available properties on a simple...
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Use VS2008 to create a VSPackage that runs in VS2008 and VS2005 by svdoever

We all want to use the new features in Visual Studio 2008 during development. When using VS2008 for VsPackage development we need to install the Visual Studio 2008 SDK. The approach taken for building VsPackages in VS2008 is incompatible with the approach...
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