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JSON Debugger visualizer in Visual Studio 2012 by svdoever

Recently working a lot with JSON data. Needed a debugger visualizer for JSON. Found one at: Copy contents of the visualizer folder in the zip package to VisualStudioInstallPath \Common7\Packages\Debugger\Visualizers (on...
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Visual Studio and having multiple startup projects by svdoever

Never knew this: you can have multiple startup projects in a solution. Was there already in Visual Studio 2005! See for more info.
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Visual Studio: alway run as administrator by svdoever

I’m currently developing on a 64 bit Windows Server 2008 R2 that is domain joined, so I log in with my domain account and user access control is enabled. I need to run my Visual Studio as an administrator, because otherwise I get all kind of errors. I...
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Visual Studio SDK 4.0, Vista and symbolic links... by svdoever

When you install Visual Studio SDK on Vista, it doesn't install by default on X:\Program Files, but on X:\Program Files (x86). When I tried to recompile the VSIP Software Factory from Codeplex , it had links to the Visual Studio SDK in c:\program files...
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Factories @ Macaw - the DotNed presentation of april 26, 2007 by svdoever

On april 26, 2007 I gave a presentation at the Macaw headquarters in Schiphol-Rijk, The Netherlands on what we are doing with Software Factories at Macaw. I promised the audience to publish some links to tools and information mentioned in the presentation...

MsBuild: sort your Content item file names by svdoever

I have been playing a bit with MsBuild to process a set of Content items sorted by file name. Content items are the items included in the project, and their Build Action set to Content . Below some sample code on how to achive this, just paste the code...
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Enumerating projects in a Visual Studio solution by svdoever

People writing add-ins for Visual studio probably have come across the nightmare of the Visual studio object model to go through the projects within a solution. I had to get the list of projects in a solution, and for each solution its output path in...
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Great list of links to info on Visual Studio extensibility by svdoever

Writing add-ins and packages for Visual Studio is a whole different kind of sport. I stumbled across a great list of resources that can get you started:
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WSS SP2 and SharePoint Portal Server using .Net 2.0 and SQL Server 2005? by svdoever

Bil Simser describes in this post that it is possible to use WSS SP2 with SharePoint Portal Server, although not all new features are supported in Portal Server. Patrick Tisseghem says in a comment on this post that there will be no SP2 for SPS. I’m...

Discussion board and RIA technologies by svdoever

In a previous blog post I was writing about the possibilities for the implementation of a new version of the Macaw Discussion Board. I mentioned a few technologies that I was looking at. The reason I am looking into those technologies is not only for...
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