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Discussion board and RIA technologies by svdoever

In a previous blog post I was writing about the possibilities for the implementation of a new version of the Macaw Discussion Board. I mentioned a few technologies that I was looking at. The reason I am looking into those technologies is not only for...

PDC Longhorn & Whidbey hands-on labs available for download... by svdoever

This info is already available for a long time, but didn't know it! Might be useful if you want to do some experimenting. PDC Longhorn hands-on labs:
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WinFS and the ReiserFS filesystem... by svdoever

There are more filesystems that go (or already are) into the same direction as WinFS: have a look at the ReiserFS at . Oke, it is for Linux, but an interesting read.. and of course really interesting for all the people out there...
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Longhorn: WinFS looks cool! by svdoever

List of features in Longhorn's data storage code-named "WinFS"...
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