SharePoint Inspector - a cool WSS3/MOSS2007 exploration tool

I just stumbled accross SharePoint Inspector by Gaetan Bouveret. A great tool that allows you to explore your SharePoint Farm.

It is a very developer oriented tool that gives you insight in everything that is going on inside SharePoint. Check it out! Even source code available.

To get the code compiled:

  • Download code
  • Unzip
  • Replace key GatWeb.snk.pfx (password protected) by your own key, name it GatWeb.snk
  • In the current download a file FDisplayView.resx is missing, remove it from the solution (click open FDisplayView.cs)
  • Compile and go!

Features (quoted from the codeplex site):

Displays SharePoint objects with reflection on their properties :

  • Farm
  • Servers
  • Services
  • Feature Definitions
  • Solutions
  • Databases
  • Web Applications
  • Site collections
  • Websites
  • Content Types
  • Site Columns
  • Features
  • Lists
  • Associated Workflows
  • Event Receivers
  • Recycle Bin
  • ...
Actions :
  • Activate / Deactivate feature
  • Add / remove event receiver on list and content type
  • Manage Recycle bin

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