Nobody interested to work with me on my GotDotNet project ?

Come'on guys, Isn't there somebody who want to work with me on my AMS system ? I posted my project few days ago on my blog, but unfortunaly no response. I would appreciate if some users would apply to work with me on that project.



  • try moving to source forge.... note that *EVEN MICROSOFT* is using sf for stuff

    WiX and the windows class libary thing are on sf and not on gdn's workspaces...

    I think that GDN is a great message board and info place but seems like the workspaces need to get some major work done one them.

  • Hm...I will consider that, maybe moving the project will help. Thanks for the tip.

    Sonu Kapoor

  • Not my field of interest unfortunately, sorry I can't be of help.

    Maybe once you start on the project and get something up more people will join in ?

  • Good idea Omega! I will upload the first project files later and hope that some others will join me.

    Sonu Kapoor

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