When will I get my GMail account?

In the last time I recognized that everybody is getting an invitation for the GMail email account. Marcie got one few days ago and now Travis got one too. When will I get one? If somebody has the power to get me one, I would really appreciate that.



  • If you are a blogger at blogger.com, you are automatically invited to get one.

  • Thanks Anin,

    But I would like to stick with my asp.net blogging. I somebody could get me an invitation then I would really appreciate that.


  • I'm not sure why you deleted my post from earlier. Perhaps if you had any decency you would have deleted yours instead. It's not a mature response to delete criticism.

    Like I said before, and will continue to say:

    (a) don't spam a public feed with worthless posts begging for a beta of a webmail service.

    (b) please don't put bright red underlined 'give me a job' text at the bottom of your post - it's highly irritating - what was wrong with the text in black you had in your previous posts? Get more desperate?

    (c) If you are looking for a job, giving a good impression through correct spelling is a good idea: as a proper noun Montreal should be capitalized

    (d) As an employer you give men absolutely no indication of why I would want to employ you. What do you do? Paint ceilings? Flip burgers? Without a link to your CV, your 'i'm looking for a job' text is useless.

    (e) As an employer I wouldn't take kindly to abuse of a public forum like this - if you want to spam, get your own website and do it there.


  • Do you really think that I am the only one which spams the asp.net blog ? If you are a regular visitor of the asp.net blogs than you should know that there are many other people which sometimes posts information not related to .net.

    I agree with you that the red bold indication about seeking a job is not a good idea. I will delete this. I will remove this ! BTW: I am not the only one doing this....


  • ok no problem, it's much nicer to see you responding to criticism than deleting it ;-).

    anyway, there is a beg for gmail forum on orkut....

    And incidentally offtopic is one thing; e.g. talking about something on TV, but at least some people will find it interesting. This thread on the other hand is spam, pure and simple... Gmail will come, just relax.

  • I was just hoping that somebody will give me an account when I annouce it. I saw many posters which does that and it seems that they get the account.

    Thanks pal and sorry that I deleted your comment. Its that just that I felt a bit strange about your 'spam' comment. As said many does that. Its not in my attention to spam around. If you see my posts then you will see that post mostly about .net! So I think that one spam in my 31 posts about .net is forgiveable, isn't it ? ;)


  • ok i signed up at blogger.com

    now what?

  • I guess you just have to blog around on blogger.com and wait until google invites you!

  • I alwayz wished 4 a inbox of extream file size, so tht i can easily save my Presentation,PDF,PPT,SWF,& also some nice Mp3 collection....so tht i can access all these from where ever i can access the internet remotely....and i ll definately give my feedback 2 gmail,if it helps gmail in any manner ,ill be very much happy 2 do so...plz help me get gmail account....i want 2 be a gmail user....l.

  • ok, I posted on blogger.com and I'm just waiting...I'm not going to use 1GB for lots, but I just want a e-mail account which is, you know, nice to have and say, look at me, I have G-mail. Seeing that its a big thing, if anyone else has a G-mail invitation, please may you send one to my e-mail address? krono6@hotmail.com because I would appreciate it. (Atleast I'm being honest =P)

    Thank you for your time,


  • Do you created a blog on blogger.com ? If yes, then I suggest to blog some posts and wait until somebody invites you.

  • Hi all you kind people!

    Can one of you send me a invitation? Pleaaase, i would appriciate it sooo much!

    Email: simonwh@oncable.dk

  • Please help me to get a Gmail, please!!


  • I dont have any gmail invitations.

  • Some one can help me, I just trying to obtain the gmail account please send me a invitation, I really need that, please tellme what can i do for the person who inviteme on gmail please


  • Hi you guys!

    If you give me a invite I will be so happy-I would rather have it than my yahoo or hotmail or my cox e-mail or all of them together!Please,please,I hate my cox and hotmail and some what my yahoo!!!

    your g-mail wanter,

    Ryan sully


  • Blog around and wait until GMail invites you.

  • I hope you all know that you can register without an invitation at gmail.com. It is open to everyone, I think.

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