IIS Update

Everybody who uses IIS as his web server, should read this and update when possible. Please also read the notes before doing any update. The patch was updated: June 15, 2004.

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-011



  • Anyone who runs IIS as their web server should have done it months ago when the patch was released.

  • Damian the patach is updated at June 15, 2004. I am not sure whether the users already know this!

  • Sonu, the update you're talking about is "Updated bulletin to advise on the availability of an updated Windows NT 4.0 Workstation update for the Pan Chinese language." Maybe you should read it yourself before you go around to tell everybody to do so. Everybody not running Pan Chinese NT 4 Workstation should've done this months ago, when it was released.

  • Uups, you are right Jerry! I surveyed that part. Thanks for pointing it out. Its still necessary if you running a Pan Chinese NT :-)

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