September 2004 - Posts

13 September 2004
EXSLT.NET 1.1 released
EXSLT.NET library is community-developed free open-source implementation of the EXSLT extensions to XSLT for the .NET platform. EXSLT.NET fully implements the following EXSLT modules: Dates and Times, Common, Math, Random, Regular Expressions, Sets and Strings. In addition EXSLT.NET library provides... Read More...
11 September 2004
Nice work from Dave Burke
After Dave moved from , he implemented the DotNetNuke , nGallery and .Text into one working system. I took a quick look at his work and I love it. I am so impressed that I downloaded DotNetNuke and installed it on my local system and it works like a charm. Now I am considering too, to... Read More...
09 September 2004
Comming XML Conferences
XML 2004 Conference and Expo 15 - 19 November Washington DC / USA XMLOpen Conference 2004 21 - 23 September Cambridge / UK Applied XML Developers Conference 5 20 - 21 October Washington / USA Do you know any more upcomming conferences for 2004 and 2005? Sonu Read More...
08 September 2004
Programmer turns Gmail into blogging tool
A Mexican programmer has figured out how to turn Google's Gmail service into a blog. Jonathan Hernandez posted a demo of his software, called Gallina, together with the open-source code, on his employer's Web site. On his site, Hernandez said the software uses XML and XSLT -- a language to specify how... Read More...
02 September 2004
W3C Publishes Initial Working Draft for SVG's XML Binding Language (sXBL)
Abstract from the Draft: This working draft describes SVG's XML Binding Language (sXBL). sXBL is a mechanism for defining the presentation and interactive behavior of elements described in a namespace other than SVG's. sXBL is intended to be used to enable XML vocabularies (tag sets) to be implemented... Read More...
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