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28 October 2004
Another RSS article from another author
Few days later after ASPToday published my article about RSS, they published another cool article which shows how you can create a RSS user control. I know there are already few of them out there, but this one is a control, which scrolls the RSS news in an IFRAME. A very nice article. Read the complete... Read More...
15 October 2004
XmlSS.NET Spreadsheet Component
New article on CodeGuru , which shows ways to work with Excel spreadsheets through the use of XML. Read the complete article here . Sonu Read More...
14 October 2004
Sharing Web Content Using RSS
My latest article on ASPToday.com "In this article Sonu Kapoor will show you how to use RSS to improve visibility of the content on your website. He'll examine the XML schema for an RSS feed and will see how a feed can be added to a website. This article will also examine a couple of the popular tools... Read More...
14 October 2004
.NET System.XML and Javax.XML Reference
TopXML.com has published two new references. .NET System.XML and Javax.XML reference. Both contains a very nice introduction about the classes and an example code in VB. Sonu Read More...
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