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  • CCF HAT - Making use of DDAs from Legacy Adapters

    Although Data Driven Adapters (DDAs) are mainly designed for Automation Adapters in HAT, we can make use of them from legacy adapters, too. Here's an example of an external VB application, which is configured to use a legacy application adapter and a WinDataDrivenAdapter with the corresponding bindings:

  • CCF 2008 Hosted Application Toolkit

    The Hosted Application Toolkit (HAT) is a new component of CCF 2.6 (2008) that facilitates the task of automating the UI of the hosted applications. It consists of two main parts: the Data Driven Adapters (DDA) and the Automations (WF workflows) that automates the hosted application using the DDAs.

  • Choosing the right WCF binding

    A WCF binding is the endpoint component that defines how the client needs to communicate with the service. It groups settings such as underlying transport protocol, security requirements, and message encoding.