Smartphone in my hands!

Well kids, this isn't entirely DotNet related as my SmartPhone still has the 2002 OS, not the 2003 OS with the .NET CF installed - haven't figured out which ROM set I need to get it to 2003, or get the .NET CF installed on it.  While I've had it nearly 14 hours, haven't had that much time to play with it.

First impression: I like it.  I had an iPAQ when they first hit the market -- the 3650 I think it was.  Loved the device.  Don't get me wrong, every device has its drawbacks - the iPAQ did, so does this device, but overall the WOW factor is right up there.  This phone is actually the Compal AR11 (Avenger) - which is also labeled the “red e SC1100”.  (Not sure why it's called “red” because it's actually a pewter color ;-) ).  It's very PocketPC-esque.  It has a joystick instead of a stylus, which doesn't take much getting used to.  One thing I find myself constantly doing is using the “Done” softkey as an “enter” button instead of pressing in on the joystick.  On most WAP browsers, the left softkey is the OK button and the right is the Cancel/Context/Option button.  Just have to reprogram my head to realize that I'm in a real OS again, not a browser shell.

The other big thing I love.. COLOR!! 65k worth (well, maybe not 65k - not sure exactly how many colors it has, but it's a sharp looking device).

I'm sure I'll be ranting and raving in the near future once I figure out how to get the .NET CF on here.. but in the meantime, some good links I have come across:


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