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RFID tag readers/links

I was recently discussing a project with Dave Wanta to using RFID technology.  Here are some of the links I have gathered during the discussion to various products/SDK's:

(do note these are in no particular order, and I do not endorse any of these products)

Intermec's PC Card Line:

Syscan (check out the Mobile & CF readers):

Intel RFID Reader Project (hardware by Skyetek):
SDK (Java and Visual Studio 6):


Texas Instruments Line:

RF-ID Handhelds:

Intersoft ($199 for the demo kit)

Nokia Mobile RFID kit utilizing the Nokia 5140:,,55738,00.html

The readers are more expensive (they are handhelds that you plug in to a base to sync it looks like)
But the cool part about these guys - in Q3 they're supposed to have a
Bluetooth enabled wireless reader - so no more syncing.

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TECTUS Identification Systems AG said:

TECTUS produce RFID readers and transponders /tags 125kHz, 134.2 kHz and 13.56 MHz. Standard and customised OEM versions are available. A long term experienced RFID experts team give best support and consulting.

# July 22, 2004 11:32 AM