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Configure Forms based authentication in SharePoint 2010 by sreejukg

Configuring form authentication is a straight forward task in SharePoint. Mostly public facing websites built on SharePoint requires form based authentication. Recently, one of the WCM implementation where I was included in the project team required registration...

WalkThrough: aspnet_regsql.exe in ASP.Net 4 by sreejukg

ASP.Net has the built-in support for Membership. Using this, you can securely store and validate user credentials. By using Membership along with Roles and Profiles you can build powerful applications. ASP.Net has a set of classes that allows you to access...
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Create a Web Application in SharePoint 2010 using Claims Based authentication by sreejukg

SharePoint 2010 supports two types of authentication modes. Classic Mode and Claims based. Classic mode supports only windows authentication, where in case of Claims based authentication you can use any of the supported authentication methods such as...
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