Microsoft Shell (MSH) : Code Named Monad

Recently my fellow MVP buddy Pooja did a nice presentation at Bangalore .NET UG (BDOTNET) on Monad, the new command shell from Microsoft. It influenced me to read and learn more about Monad.

I have few bookmarks to

What is Monad ?,guid,486fb9c8-719c-4cc8-9386-d0f50aeb354f.aspx

(From Rosh...Yet another .NET Hacker),guid,1afc98ec-393f-4631-9cb4-d32e63a9fe15.aspx,guid,8bafabcf-5ca4-41b7-a1a0-94a876a16e34.aspx

How to get Monad ?

The Fundamentals pillar Topic on MSDN TV

Monad UG session at Bangalore .NET User Group by pooja,guid,d544356b-163b-4ec3-a947-a4721ab7606b.aspx,guid,edd35bc1-c4ef-484f-9c2f-6691458f7dc8.aspx

CMDLet LifeCycle & Commands in Monad,guid,c7b85014-6af5-4c0a-958c-e8fd9f55cfd8.aspx,guid,b6bdc880-2c66-4d32-b635-342e207fb442.aspx

WinHEC Monad Slides

Other Links & Resources

BTW The Google says :

Ah ! a lot to read...:-)


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