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January 2004 - Posts

Hex Clock for Geeks

The hex clock arranges time in a more consistent and logical manner than our present clock. Instead of dividing the day into arbitrary divisions (twenty-four hours in a day, sixty minutes in an hour, etc.), the hex clock represents time of day as a single hexadecimal number. A hex clock displaying three digits gives even better resolution than a standard clock, which displays a digit (or two) for the hour and two for the minutes. If you watch the clocks above, you will see that the hex clock increments about three times as often as the standard clock.


IE flaw : Allows hackers to tamper the URL has posted an article on a big flaw in Internet Explorer's URL manipulation module.

read and test it.

Microsoft has confirmed the bug and coming up with a patch soon.

via BlogJet

Static Class : C# Whidbey

Now C# Whidbey got a cool new feature called “Static Classes”

VC# sneak preview via Eric

public sealed class MyClass 
   // Keep class from being created
   private MyClass() { }

can now be written as

public static sealed class MyClass

This features replaces the design patterns of creating sealed classes with a private constructor that contains only static methods.

Info : InfoPath Myths & Reality

00. What is InfoPath? from stephencummins

InfoPath (previously code-named "XDocs"), is a new product in the Microsoft Office family. Using InfoPath helps to streamline the
process of gathering information by enabling teams and organizations to easily create and work with rich, dynamic forms.
The information collected can be integrated with a broad range of business processes because InfoPath supports any
customer-defined XML schema and integrates with XML Web services. As a result, InfoPath helps to connect you directly to
organizational information and gives you the ability to act on it, which leads to greater business impact and productivity.

01. Infopath is an excel like application?

No, Infopath has very few similiarities with other office products like excel and word but it has a very distinct
idea behind it. Infopath is more concerned about the portability and one time data fill-up application, where as other office
applications are more biased towards the data storage.

02. How can I develop a complete office solution using Infopath?

Using Infopath we cannot develop a complete sequential workflow application. It is more intended for a small scale data
gathering applications, preferabily one form at a time. You cannot expect logical flow or receprocal  actions with InfoPath

03. How secure is InfoPath?

Infopath stores everything as XML storage. The typical Infopath document is devided in to UI and Data. These two parts are
stored as XML and XSLT respectively. So unlike other binary documents, Infopath documents are virus free.

04. Infopath needs some developer efforts.

True, but very very less. Most of the features are wizards which are easy enough to be handled by any non-developer. The big
advantage of Infopath over other office applications is Highest level of abstraction in Data validation. The data validations are implicitly taken care by Infopath. You can develop a simple registration form with in 5 minutes (yes 5 only) with all basic validations in place.

05. Infopath only comes with Office system 2003 which is expensive.

No, You can buy Infopath as a seperate individual product. But if you buy a complete Office System 2003,
you'll get Infopath as a part of suite.

06. Infopath needs Microsoft .NET Framework.

No, though Infopath can be integrated with .NET, it does'nt require it.

07. What is the role of Sharepoint server in Infopath based applications?

Sharepoint enables Infopath applications to be deployed across teams internally. Since Sharepoint is a part of Office System, it
enables the highest level of integration with Infopath and Team services.

08. Do employees need to have InfoPath installed on their PCs in order to fill out forms created with InfoPath?
       - stephencummins -
 Information workers will need to have InfoPath 2003 installed on their PCs to enter information into InfoPath forms and
to take advantage of the rich client functionality such as structural editing, business-logic validatin, rich-text formatting,
AutoCorrect, and spell-checking. That said, you can read an InfoPath form that has been saved to .MHT in your browser or within
an HTML-enabled e-mail client, as the body of your mail message. Because InfoPath generates XML belonging to any
customer-defined schemas, other software could be used to reuse and display that XML document.

Microsoft Win32 to Microsoft .NET Framework API Map

Microsoft has released a Map of Win32 API calls in .NET Framework here. Worth a print out. This Map has Alphabetical Category List, Alphabetical List and a nice hierarchical list also. I found one thing missing here. There are no documentation links to these classes even though these classes have MSDN documentation.

Go here


Articles for the day from fellow MVPs

Today I got 2 very good articles from my fellow MVPs.

01. Generating WebService proxies in .NET from Kumar Gaurav

02. Create Starwars credits in Powerpoint from Geetesh.

Knighthood for our BillG
The Knighthood is honoured :)
Google knows me :)

Voila! I got my google fame. Search for sudhakar. My Dev Notes is the first one ;)

Google ! you are a good learner :)

Visual Studio .NET : a TOY? or a Machine Gun ?

I am still wondering how many of a typical developer pool write thier own unit test cases for .NET.
This is due to the lack of architectural background in many developers and great
abstraction in Microsoft's technologies. Upto my observations, the Java guys are far ahead of these things since they have a large scope of error prone factor. The higher degree of abstraction spoils the developer's ability to build software by making him as an end user of the technology. But still there is an oppertunity to break that abstraction in .net. But the technology and tools like VS.NET hides that creativity and capability by doing more than enough.

Though VS.NET gives more productivity by decreasing the work hours, It gives you a pipeline look, where you cannot think of other way also. e.g. In whidbey, you can get one DataGrid with Bi-directional sorting, Editable, Nice formatted features with out writing a single line of code. This kind of features will have a risky edge of making the new developers blind in coding. I have seen most of the developers putting blank feelings on faces for questions on internal things like this in my interviews.

On the otherhand IntelliJ Idea and Eclispse are growing like VS.NET, but I could see many of good things, which are making developer to think. My only concern is why should we make any language as a kid's toy as well as a machine gun at other end? The reality is : Most of the developers are opting that "TOY" only.

I must admit that Microsoft's PAG is doing a very good job in pumping the architectural knowledge in to Microsoft developer communituies. But at the same time there is no development going for architectural extensions to Visual Studio.NET from microsoft. Most of the MSDN seminars in india are focusing on a common VB developer who knows; by double clicking a button, you can an event for that. I am 100% sure that .NET lacks that architectural touch atleast in the hands of a common developer.

Google Fame

Today I found two interesting googlies.

01. Search for Microsoft Hyderabad. (With out quotes). 

      Our Microsoft User Group, Hyderabad's
.NET Wing ranked at 3rd :), My blog at 8th and MUGH at 10th positions.

02. Search for Hyderabad User Group (With out quotes) results. (Thanks Deepak)

       Rank 1 : .NET User Group Hyderabad (MUGH member)      

       Rank 2 : India Linux User Group, Hyderabad Chapter

       Rank 3 : Java User Group, Hyderabad Chapter

       Rank 4 : WebSphere User Group, Hyderabad Chapter

       Rank 5 : My Blog

       Rank 6 : My Blog (Student Chapter Post)

       Rank 7 : Our Mighty MUGH

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