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.NET is an Open Standard ? or Not?

Came across this thread (bit funny comments from RSM..)

Richard Stallman
Sun Oct 31 04:42:23 IST 2004

A MSA who was pestering me for a DotNET session at GLUG-Madurai (India) argued that DotNET being an Open Standard, I should not object him promoting it in the GLUG.

When he said this, he was taking advantage of a broader misunderstanding.  The idea of GNU/Linux is to be free software; "open standard", even if that is true, is not good enough if the software itself is non-free.

So it looks like we need to educate all GLUGs (and LUGs, if they will listen) to recognize and teac that people should not promote non-free software--regardless of the details.

Read the full story

What about Java? a Open standard to be supported by Linux cimmunities?

and Rosh has posted his views on the same here worth of a note.

"Treat the MSA program and its representatives as liars. Don't treat them as respectable or legitimate."

This piece of line from Richard Stallman sounds so shocking & childish to me, however he is one whome I respect atmost in this IT Industry Field. I believe that we develop software and not the software community or companies. And students...they always  have a choice of things they want to do. And when it comes to the point of free is linux? well you might want to read  this case study/Report, if you are not treating Forrester as a liar.


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